Torrance police Thursday announced the formation of a Chief’s Advisory Board and urged people to apply for membership in the voluntary organization.

“The Chief’s Advisory Board will provide a forum where key stakeholders can act as a community resource for the chief of police, develop strategies, share community concerns and increase public trust,” Torrance police Sgt. Mark Ponegalek said.

The purpose and role of the Chief’s Advisory Board will be as follows:

— to act as an advisory group for the chief of police regarding community needs and concerns, as well as a community response to proposed police programs and priorities;

— to advise the chief of police directly of the community’s needs for police services;

— to assist in educating the community at large about the function and role of the Torrance Police Department; and

— to promote community awareness, understanding and involvement between the Torrance Police Department and the citizens of Torrance.

The Chief’s Advisory Board will consist of between 10 and 25 volunteer members, Ponegalek said.

“The members selected will represent our diverse community and have different backgrounds and experiences with the business community, education, faith-based community, nonprofit organizations, public relations and other areas that make them a key component of the Torrance community,” Ponegalek said.

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