A 70-year-old nurse who was viciously attacked at a bus stop near Vignes Street and Cesar Chavez Avenue died Sunday in a hospital, Los Angeles police announced.

The woman, identified as Sandra Shells, was attacked about 5:15 a.m. Thursday according to the LAPD.

Kerry Bell was arrested following the attack, police said. The suspect, a 48-year-old homeless man punched the nurse in the head, causing her to fall and strike her head against the ground. He was arrested on suspicion of assault as he slept a short distance away from the attack without incident. His charge will be updated to suspicion of murder.

Bell is being held on $2 million in bail, according to jail records.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger Sunday called for a “full investigation” into an attack at a Metro bus stop in the downtown Los Angeles area that fatally injured a nurse.

The nurse worked at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, according to Barger.

“Learning of this attack is both shocking and heartbreaking,” Barger said in a statement, “I’m asking for a full investigation into what caused the attack and any information that can be used to prevent this from happening again.

“It is unacceptable for Metro bus riders to be susceptible to this type of violence. Our essential workers, such as this county nurse, often take public transportation at unconventional times and can become easy prey for violent actors,” Barger said.

“Our county has an urgent need to work with public safety, mental health and transportation providers to create more safe and stable environments. Our essential workers are battling a pandemic and working long hours in tough conditions — at a minimum, they deserve that.”

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