Ensuring pedestrians and bicyclists obey road rules, as well as catching impaired drivers, will be the focus of saturation patrols conducted next week by the Menifee Police Department.

On Friday, Jan. 28, officers will be out in force throughout the day targeting scofflaw pedestrians and bicyclists who enter traffic without the right-of-way and other violations, according to Menifee police Chief Pat Walsh.

People who resort to jaywalking instead of using crosswalks, and riders who travel on the wrong side of the road or disregard stop signs and lights will be issued citations in multiple locations citywide, Walsh said.

“Just because they are on bicycles and walking doesn’t mean traffic rules go out the window for them,” the chief said. “We want to make sure those who are out are following rules intended to keep them safe.”

Similarly, on Saturday, Jan. 29, patrol officers will be deploying to different parts of the city, looking for drunken and drug-impaired drivers.

“Menifee PD is committed to keeping Menifee safe, and we have passion for enforcing impaired driving laws,” Walsh said. “I am aware of the damage drunken and high drivers do to a community, families and themselves. I am proud of our officers who make these arrests and for their continued work in this critical area.”

Officials underscored that use of alcohol and illicit drugs are not the only concern. People taking prescription pills, using legal marijuana, or even consuming over-the-counter drugs, can pose a risk, according to police.

Walsh warned that if any pill or other product interferes with safely operating a vehicle, users should “plan on staying home.”

The chief noted that the average fine for a misdemeanor driving under the influence conviction runs $13,500, and offenders can expect additional penalties, including loss of driving privileges.

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