Plane Crashing - Photo courtesy of Unsplash

A small plane crashed into a brick wall behind a Hemet home Tuesday, causing a small fire and leaving the pilot with serious injuries.

The plane crashed along Warren Road near Mustang Way around 9:30 a.m., sparking a flame that engulfed the aircraft, according to the Hemet Police Department.

Crews from the Hemet and Riverside County fire departments, Cal Fire and the police and sheriff’s department all descended on the scene. The pilot of the plane was taken to a hospital with injuries described as serious.

The pilot was the only occupant of the plane. there were no reports of any other injuries.

Hemet resident Michael Deardorff told City News Service he was on his way to Target with his wife when he saw the plane go down.

“I could see as soon as it touched the ground all the dust and everything flew up like it was coming in too hot,” Deardorff told CNS. “And then all of a sudden it was just an explosion and flames galore.”

He said he called 911 and drove back to alert crews of two fire engines they had passed on their way to Target.

“When we looked up, it looked to us like the plane had just left (Ryan Airport) heading west and then it made a hard turn heading south and then it started getting lower and lower,” Deardorff said. “All of a sudden it started getting almost to the ground.”

The crash occurred moments later, he said.

There was no immediate word on what caused the crash.

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