An armed man in Culver City wrapped his arm around a 79-year-old woman’s neck to remove her cellphone and eventually snatch the fanny pack off her waist as she sat on a fire hydrant after walking her dog, authorities said Monday.

Police were dispatched to Jefferson Boulevard and Indian Wood Road at about 1:20 a.m. Sunday, where paramedics treated the woman for non-life-threatening injuries, the Culver City Police Department reported.

The woman had been sitting on the fire hydrant when the suspect approached her from behind and wrapped his arm around her neck. He then threw her to the ground.

While holding a handgun in his left hand, he forcefully removed her cellphone, which was attached with a lanyard around her neck. He then ripped the woman’s fanny pack off her waist, which contained cash and keys.

The suspect ran eastbound on Jefferson Boulevard and out of sight. No description of the man was available.

Culver City police urged anyone with information regarding the armed robbery to call them at 310-253-6316 or 310-253-6202.

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