Street Lights - Photo courtesy of Fawazlul Rizqi on Unsplash

Pasadena officials Monday said thieves have been taking electrical wiring from various areas in the city, and urged people to report suspicious activity to police.

“The city of Pasadena is experiencing theft of wiring from electrical pull boxes located in the city’s right of way,” said Lisa Derderian, public information officer for the city.

“These wires are used to provide power to the city’s street light circuit. The theft of these wires cause numerous street lights within a city block to go out, leaving the street dark — plus it’s extremely dangerous for the thieve(s).

“These thefts are occurring in the evening hours and in different areas of the city and generally by individuals without proper traffic control, uniforms and identification on vehicles,” Derderian added.

“The city is encouraging residents to report street light outages promptly and to be aware of unauthorized individuals that appear to be working around street lights or pull boxes.”

Anyone seeing suspicious activity was urged to call police at 626-744-4241, or the citizen’s service center at 626-744-7311.

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