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A judge Wednesday took under submission a motion by “Judge Judy” Sheindlin and other parties to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a talent agency that alleges she cheated the firm out of profits when she bought and sold the show’s library rights in a deal with CBS.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kristin S. Escalante heard arguments Thursday before saying she wants to continue mulling the issues in the suit brought in August 2020 by Rebel Entertainment Partners. She did not state when she would rule.

The suit’s defendants include Sheindlin, CBS and its Big Ticket Pictures Inc.

“Simply put, (Rebel) is entitled to 5% of the $99 million Sheindlin received from her August 2017 sale of her library of “Judge Judy” show episodes … pursuant to (Rebel’s) rights set forth in the 2005 Rebel/Big Ticket Pictures amendment,” the talent agency’s lawyers argue in their court papers.

Sheindlin and her co-defendants now “advance the after-the-fact, self-serving argument that no sale actually occurred, and that (CBS) did not acquire anything it did not already own,” Rebel’s lawyers further argue in their court papers.

But in their court papers, defense attorneys argue there was no breach of contract because the written agreements demonstrate that the library was never transferred.

“The contracts demonstrate that while a transfer was contracted to occur in the future, it did not in fact occur,” the defense lawyers further argue in their court papers.

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