Riverside County sheriff’s deputies were out in Palm Desert Friday evening appealing to people who plan to celebrate the new year with alcoholic beverages to know their limit.

The deputies visited bars to ask patrons if they know how many drinks they’ve consumed and whether they feel it is safe to drive, according to Deputy Claro Sanchez.

“A person’s height, weight, food intake, drug and/or medication use and how much they drink over a time period are all factors that affect their BAC (blood-alcohol content),” Sanchez said.

An average-sized woman can be over the legal limit of 0.08% if she consumes two drinks in one hour and an average-sized man can be over the limit with three drinks, according to the California Driver Handbook.

A first-time DUI offense can cost a motorist $13,500 in vehicle impound fees, fines, attorney fees, increased auto insurance costs and other penalties, the deputy said, adding, “Plan ahead and avoid the risk of a DUI by designating a sober driver.”

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