Three Los Angeles Police Department officers were hospitalized Wednesday evening in stable condition after being shot and wounded in Lincoln Heights, and a suspect was barricaded in a residential garage.

According to reports from the scene near Mission Avenue and North Broadway, police arrived around 4:30 p.m. regarding a suspect wanted for an unknown felony, and shots were fired some two hours later.

“Reports from hospital have all three in stable condition,” LAPD Chief Michel Moore tweeted.

The officers were taken to County-USC Medical Center and are expected to survive, KCAL reported.

The three officers who were shot are part of a canine unit and were searching for a suspect when that person opened fire, sources told the Los Angeles Times.

The officers who were shot are part of the Metropolitan Division, according to The Times. The suspected shooter was described as a violent felony suspect.

After the officers were struck, other officers pulled them from the line of fire, the sources told The Times.

One officer was shot in an arm, one in leg and one in the stomach, KCAL reported.

There is a massive police presence at the scene, and the LAPD reports that officers have established a perimeter.

At least three SWAT Bearcat vehicles are on the scene along with an LAPD robot, KCAL9 reported.

A warning to residents near the scene of the shooting to stay inside and lock their doors as a safety precaution because the suspect is armed has been broadcast from an LAPD helicopter hovering over the area, according to KCAL.

A citywide tactical alert extending officers’ shifts is in effect.

“The shooting of three @lapdhq officers in Lincoln Heights is a reminder of the risks and sacrifices our police face every day,” Councilman Bob Blumenfield tweeted.

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