Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is heading to Mississippi Saturday to support some Democratic candidates for Congress.

The trip is the latest in a series of political trips he has taken over the past month while he explores a run for the presidency.

Garcetti plans to participate in a policy roundtable on jobs and education with Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate and former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Espy. He also plans to greet tailgaters at a football game between Alcorn State and Alabama State with state Rep David Baria, a U.S. Senate candidate, before joining Baria at a fundraiser for his campaign in Jackson.

“Washington wants us divided into two Americas — urban versus rural; coastal versus heartland. But it’s clear that the real divide in this country is between Washington and the rest of us,” Garcetti said. “Yes, Mississippi is a `southern’ state. But most importantly, it’s a great American state full of people who believe in an America where Washington is supposed to work for working people and prepare us for an uncertain future. I’m looking forward to hearing what’s on people’s minds and talking about how our local communities can join together to create change regardless of Washington’s failures.”

Garcetti has taken political trips over the last month to Nevada, Ohio and South Carolina. He was also in San Francisco on Thursday for a conversation at the Commonwealth Club with political journalist Scott Shafer of KQED.

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