Coast Guard boat. Photo by John Schreiber
This Coast Guard boat was in Marina del Rey, but it’s not clear if it’ll be included in the Port of Los Angeles drill. Photo by John Schreiber

It may seem scary as the Coast Guard races in fast boats with what sounds like automatic gunfire Saturday in the Port of Los Angeles, but it’ll be only a drill.

The Coast Guard will conduct security training at the Port of Los Angeles Saturday, and will enforce a “temporary safety zone” during the daylong exercise.

The safety zone will be in effect at various times between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Saturday in a 500-yard radius around the SS Lane Victory, the Coast Guard reported.

Members of the Coast Guard’s Port Security Unit 311 will take part in the exercise that will include high-speed small boat maneuvers and simulated automatic weapon fire, according to the Coast Guard.

The temporary safety zone “will encompass all navigable waters from the surface to the sea floor within a 500-yard radius in the vicinity of the SS Lane Victory,” and will only be enforced during actual training operations occurring within the effective period, the Coast Guard reported.

During the enforcement period, vessels “are prohibited from entering into, transiting through or remaining within the temporary safety zone unless authorized by the captain of the Port or her designated representative,” according to a Coast Guard statement.

Enforcement of the zone will be advertised via a broadcast notice to mariners.

More information is available from the Los Angeles-Long Beach command duty officer via VHF radio or by calling (310) 521-3801.

— City News Service

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