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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti won’t have to attend one of the various presidential debate-watching parties planned in the Southland Wednesday night. He’ll be at the debate in person.

Democrat Garcetti plans to travel to Las Vegas to watch Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump square off in their third and final debate before the Nov. 8 election, according to the mayor’s campaign consultant, Bill Carrick.

Garcetti has two public events in Los Angeles Wednesday morning. According to the mayor’s office, Garcetti will not be spending the night in Las Vegas, but instead plans to return to Los Angeles Wednesday night.

The debate may be particularly contentious as Trump has tried to fight off accusations of sexual misconduct while Clinton has come under fire for internal, hereetofore private campaign emails released by WikiLeaks that show a darker side of her supporters.

Democrat Garcetti won’t be a disinterested bystander, but it’s not expected that he will take any public role during the nationally televised 90-minute debate.

—City News Service

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