Sex worker on the street, away from legal Nevada brothels. Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons

Does Donald Trump’s attorney general support legalized prostitution?

While that idea may seem unlikely for a conservative southern Republican, the owner of the “Bunny Ranch” legal brothel in Nevada had hoped senators grilling Trump attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions would ask the Alabama senator what he thinks of hookers.

Dennis Hof, the owner of the Bunny Ranch and several other legal Nevada brothels, wants the seedy side of illegal prostitution to end with the legalization of “pay-for-play sex.”

Writing on his brothel’s website, Hof said government pressure on his “chief nemesis” had forced the website to shutter its “adult services” section, and that this could help people see the virtues of legal prostitution.

“The shuttering of will mark the beginning of the crumbling of America’s modern illegal prostitution infrastructure, and reinforce the necessity that prostitution be legalized throughout the United States, beyond the rural areas of Nevada where regulated prostitution has proved to be a successful, safe, and sustainable socio-economic construct for consenting adults desiring to engage in pay-for-play sex,” said Hof, as part of a blog post he penned on the matter for

Hof said that while Sessions was questioned during the confirmation hearings about his position on pornography prosecution by Utah senator Orrin Hatch, he had not been asked by any of the committee’s members about his beliefs on prosecuting illegal sex trafficking and subsequently supporting a move towards legalization.

Neither of Nevada’s senators serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee that oversees the confirmation process.

“Take prostitution off the streets and away from the child traffickers and put it in the hands of lawful businesspersons like myself.,” Hof said. “Let the end of be the beginning of a new age in adult entertainment, and mark a future where sexual adventure is legally available to adults everywhere – while our children sleep safely at night.”

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