Photo via Pixabay
Photo via Pixabay

Want to scream from sheer boredom if you’ve ever attended a city government committee meeting?

Some poets will try to liven up a City Council committee hearing Monday with improvising poetry readings riffing on wonky agenda items.

“City Council meetings are notoriously boring, full of wonky policy and devoid of emotion,” the group said in explaining the purpose of the public poems. “Melrose Poetry Bureau is working on injecting a little life, creating something beautiful and fun to watch from the agenda that can be an active part of community informing policy. Artists are natural storytellers, and public comment is open to anyone.”

Monday’s meeting of the Los Angeles City Council’s Arts, Parks, and River Committee has routine items up for discussion but — with the group of artists planning to deliver poems based on the agenda — the public comment period should prove to be anything but routine.

Members of the Melrose Poetry Bureau plan to deliver a slam poetry session as “an offering, a performance, a voicing project — an act of public participation,” the group said.

The meeting is scheduled to being at 11 a.m. in room 1010 at Los Angeles City Hall.

—City News Service

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