Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The City Council approved a $2 million settlement Wednesday for the father of a 26-year-old Pacoima man fatally shot in his driveway by a police officer responding to a call from the victim’s family, who said he was exhibiting suicidal behavior.

A Los Angeles Superior Court jury found last August that both Officer Christopher Carr and the decedent, Christopher Eaddy, were negligent, but also found that Eaddy’s civil rights were violated.

The payment, which will be spread over this fiscal year and next fiscal year, was approved on a 14-0 vote. Eaddy’s mother had also been a plaintiff in the lawsuit, but died last year.

The shooting happened about 2:15 p.m. on May 16, 2013, in the 13000 block of Corcoran Street after Los Angeles Police Department officers responded to a report of a suicidal man with two knives and syringes threatening to kill himself.

Attorneys for Greg Eaddy argued that his son’s life could have been spared had Carr and Officer Fernando Avila showed better judgment and made sound tactical decisions, such as waiting for other officers already on their way to the scene.

The plaintiff’s attorneys also argued that Christian Eaddy had placed the two knives in a shopping cart in the driveway of his home before Carr shot him.

Avila and Carr made “cascading tactical decisions” from the time they arrived that displayed a “cynical approach that permeates the culture of the LAPD,” the plaintiff’s legal team argued.

Attorneys for the city argued that prior to the fatal shooting, Avila fired a stun gun at the suspect, and that Carr used justifiable deadly force because Eaddy was charging at him with both knives.

—City News Service

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