Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. File photo by John Schreiber.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti made an appearance at the Board of Public Works meeting Monday to help celebrate National Public Works Week.

“A lot of people might not find Public Works Week sexy and exciting, but we do,” Garcetti said. “This is an amazing week to pause, almost like a college application essay …  to summarize everything you’ve done, everything you are and everything you hope to be.”

The mayor presented the Board of Public Works with a certificate to recognize the week, and also spoke about the work the board has done.

When Garcetti was elected mayor in 2013, he campaigned with a “back to the basics” theme focused on promises to fill potholes and fix sidewalks while improving basic city services.

“It’s actually the toughest work … the detailed work,” Garcetti said. “It is the woman who needs that sidewalk fixed; it is the person who has an issue with their sewer line; it is the person who doesn’t feel safe walking home because they don’t have enough lighting. It is a whole host of things that we do here, and the future that we chart together.”

One of the biggest financial commitments the city has made in recent times came last year, when the City Council and Garcetti committed to spending more than $1 billion over 30 years to fix every broken sidewalk in L.A. The mayor’s proposed 2017-18 budget includes $31 million as the first annual payment of the plan.

“Take this week as a moment to reflect, and get inspired,” Garcetti said. “And as I begin my second term, I know that I am thinking about how I can bring the same energy to day one of my second term that I brought to day one of my first term.”

–City News Service

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