Los Angeles City Councilman Bob Blumenfield said Wednesday that human waste being dumped onto streets by recreational vehicles has become a problem and introduced a motion proposing some solutions.

According to the 2017 Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority homeless count, there are 2,363 RVs on the streets of Los Angeles, but there are no public facilities with RV dump stations in the San Fernando Valley, part of which Blumenfield represents, and only two public facilities within the entire city limits.

Blumenfield said his district has seen a rise in the number of incidents involving the illegal discharge of hazardous waste from RVs onto streets and sidewalks.

“This is an issue of public health,” Blumenfield said. “This motion is about exploring solutions to clean our streets and make sure that the city is doing everything possible to stop illegal dumping.”

Blumenfield’s motion would direct city departments to contract with a company for vehicle waste pumping to assist people living in RVs who are enrolled in services for housing placement, and for RVs on the wait list for towing.

The motion also would direct LAHSA, the Bureau of Sanitation and other relevant departments to report back on the feasibility of partnering with private and public RV dump stations to provide vouchers as a supplemental service for individuals living in RVs who are enrolled in services for housing placement.

The councilman also said there has been a rise in the number of complaints from residents and businesses relating to RVs that are unregistered or are in violation of the 72-hour limit on city streets. Towing companies do not have the equipment or ability to empty sewage tanks of RVs slated for removal, which has led to backlog of RVs that require towing, he said.

The city had three contracts for heavy-duty towing, but due to the “unsanitary conditions of the vehicles” and other issues, two of the contractors are no longer towing RVs, the councilman said. Having a contract with a pumping company could “abate the sanitary issues” for towing companies that prevent some contractors from being willing to take on the job, Blumenfield said.

–City News Service

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