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Bike lanes in Los Angeles could soon be painted a non-reflective green color in an effort to help make them safer for bicyclists – – and more film friendly, Councilman Bob Blumenfield said Wednesday.

The Public Works and Gang Prevention Committee, which Blumenfield chairs, passed his motion that would direct the Department of Transportation to make the changes, which he said have resulted from detailed discussions and research.

The specific color that has been chosen for the bike lanes will help eliminate problems for location filming, including challenges in post- production, conflicts with “green screens” and reflected light from the lanes, according to Blumenfield’s office.

“Los Angeles is the film capital of the world and this is a major step in ensuring that our streets are film friendly as well as safe for bicyclists,” Blumenfield said. “As chair of the Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee, I will continue to find ways to make our streets and sidewalks safer.”

Finding the right paint color — which is not actually paint, but advanced flexible polymer slurry — took a lot of work and many variables had to be considered, including that the color of bike lanes is regulated by the Federal Highway Administration and must fall within a certain chromaticity range during the day and night, Blumenfield’s office said.

“It’s not as simple as matching a paint chip at your local hardware store,” Blumenfield said.

According to a Department of Transportation report, painting the lanes will not impact the city’s general fund, as it will be paid for with special funds, including Measure R money and other grants.

FilmL.A. appreciates the Department of Transportation and staff efforts to address film industry concerns with bike lane placement and color,” said Donna Washington, vice president of operations for FilmL.A. “A thorough dialogue, including in-person meetings, on site walk-thrus and multiple email exchanges have produced a mutually agreeable solution to serve the needs of both the community and the industry.”

–City News Service

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