The South Pasadena City Council Wednesday evening will consider entering an agreement with three agencies to purchase 15 Caltrans-owned properties for use as affordable housing.

Caltrans purchased the properties with the intention of demolishing them for the planned 710 Freeway extension that is no longer being pursued. The 15 properties have a total of 28 housing units.

City Manager Stephanie DeWolfe said that with the “death of the 710 extension,” city officials have a unique opportunity.

“We have had considerable interest from the community in the purchase of Caltrans properties for affordable housing purposes,” DeWolfe said. “And while the city cannot directly purchase these properties, we are able partner with qualified non-profit groups to achieve the same outcomes.”

The council action would authorize the city, under the auspices of the South Pasadena Housing Authority, to enter into an agreement with Heritage Housing Partners, New Prospect Housing, LLC, and New Economics for Women.

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