If the Los Angeles Rams win the Super Bowl on Sunday, Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval will wear a Rams jersey at his next news conference, thanks to a bet he made with Mayor Eric Garcetti Friday.

The bet will work both ways, with Garcetti forced to wear a Cincinnati Bengals jersey at his next news conference if the Rams lose.

The mayors also agreed that the winning team will make a crowd-sourced donation page for the other team’s Children’s Hospital. If the Rams win, the donations will go to Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital, and a Cincinnati win would raise funds for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Zoo and the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens also made a bet on the game. The losing zoo will change its logo to the winning NFL team’s mascot on social media for the entire day on Monday.

If the Cincinnati Bengals win the Super Bowl on Sunday, the L.A. Zoo will change it’s logo to a bengal, while the Cincinnati Zoo will change its logo to a ram if the Los Angeles Rams win.

The Los Angeles Zoo’s current logo incorporates a snake, the California condor, a rhinoceros and a western lowland gorilla to highlight the zoo’s conservation efforts.

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