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Hoping to combat an increase in violent crime, the Los Angeles Police Department Wednesday released a “Step Away LA” public service announcement urging residents to actively de-escalate confrontations to avoid violence.

The roughly two-minute video released by the department features members of the LAPD, the City Attorney’s Office, stakeholders, residents and community partners urging people to step away from arguments and disputes that can potentially lead to violence.

In the video, an officer holding a police report says, “You know, most of these reports you read where a violent assault occurred began with a simple argument that escalates into violence.”

Various speakers on the video urge people to make a choice to “step away” from conflict that could escalate.

“When things get heated, you must ask yourself one important question,” one person says, with another answering, “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be hurt?”

“Stepping away from conflicts is something we all can participate in,” another video participant says.

Anyone seeking further information on the “Step Away LA” campaign can contact LAPD Sgt. Gordon Helper at 213-486-1164.

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