Several City Council members are seeking to create a fellowship program to encourage Los Angeles youth and recent college graduates to work in city government, according to a motion filed Tuesday by Councilman Curren Price.

Price’s motion, seconded by five other council members, calls for the creation of a City of Los Angeles Career Pathways Fellowship Program. The program would recruit, educate, train and place youth into city positions, with a goal of long-term employment.

The city has prioritized connecting youth with educational programs, but has “not created effective pathways that lead our young Angelenos and recent college graduates to city employment,” according to the motion. It notes that systemic barriers have kept the city from recruiting and retaining permanent employees, leading to vacant positions.

“Having a high vacancy rate is detrimental to the city’s ability to function and provide timely response to some of the critical issues the city currently faces such as affordable housing, homelessness, economic development and job creation, and management of infrastructure projects,” the motion states.

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