Sen. Alex Padilla, a longtime associate of Los Angeles City Councilwoman Nury Martinez, called on her to resign Monday in the wake of an audio recording that caught her making racist comments during an October 2021 meeting.

Padilla, D-California, also called for the resignations of Councilmen Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo, who also took part in the meeting.

“I am appalled at the racist, dehumanizing remarks made by Los Angeles city officials and leaders that were made public yesterday,” Padilla said of the recording. “As a father, I am offended that an innocent child was a target of these remarks.

“At a time when our nation is grappling with a rise in hate speech and hate crimes, these racist comments have deepened the pain that our communities have endured. Los Angeles deserves better. I call on Los Angeles City Council members Nury Martinez, Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo to resign and take full responsibility.

“At this critical time for the city and the nation, we must continue to build unity and solidarity within all our communities and we must recommit to the struggle for equity and justice for all.”

Martinez worked as a special assistant for Padilla when he was in the state Senate.

Padilla served on the Los Angeles City Council from 1999-2006, and spent nearly five years as council president.

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