Traci Park
L.A. City Council Member Traci Park ( livestream)

Councilwoman Traci Park introduced a motion Friday calling for an assessment of the damage caused to the city’s street trees and sidewalks as a result of the recent cycle of storms, which have caused flooding and destabilized hillsides and roads.

“The loss of street trees to storm-related damage is counteractive to the city’s work to expand tree canopy coverage and improve our sidewalks,” Park said in a statement. “It is imperative that the city understands the full scope of damage to the city’s streets, trees and sidewalks, and use this data to minimize damage from future storms.”

The motion instructs the Bureau of Street Services’ urban forestry division and the Bureau of Engineering to provide a report on the number of street trees damaged and uprooted, and any damage to adjacent sidewalks, as well as recommendations for protecting the city’s tree canopy and sidewalk system in advance of future storms.

The impacts of the storm events have been felt on the Westside, according to Park, where downed and uprooted trees have blocked streets, damaged power lines and created safety hazards for residents.

“Our tree canopy and sidewalk system are crucial components of our infrastructure, and we must take steps to better protect them for the benefit of our residents’ safety and quality of life,” Park said.

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