Katt Williams is being sued by a man who alleges the comedian pointed two guns at him in West Hollywood last summer.

A representative for Williams could not be immediately reached for comment on the suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by Orion Bernard Watkins, who is seeking unspecified damages.

In court papers filed Wednesday, Watkins says he and Williams were talking while walking near the Comedy Store on July 2. Watkins says he then got into his car in the parking lot of the Pink Dot store.

Williams got into a vehicle and chased Watkins, then got out of his car and approached the plaintiff holding two handguns, the suit alleges.

The comedian took the weapons from a briefcase taken from the trunk and handed to him by a female passenger, according to the suit, and allegedly uttered an epithet at Watkins.

He did not fire the weapons, but used one of them to shatter one of Watkins’ car windows, showering him with glass, the lawsuit alleges.

Watkins felt that he was in “immediate fear for his life” and suffered “severe emotional distress,” according to his court papers.

City News Service

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