Gloria Steinem is winning praise for her advice on how to answer someone who calls you a bitch. She said: Say thank you — “it totally disarms them.”

Gloria Steinem. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Gloria Steinem. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
But in Cosmopolitan interview, the feminist icon also takes on Donald Trump — especially his calling Heidi Klum “no longer a 10.”

“To an a–hole like Donald Trump, we just need to come back and say, ‘You think she’s not a 10? You’ve never been a 1!” Steinem said. “If you lost your wallet, every woman would be gone.”

Steinem, whose new memoir “My Life on the Road” will be published next week, added:

“Saying something is almost always better than swallowing it and then thinking about it for two days. So if you put that [exchange] in a little text and then you can share it — and we all learn from each other.

“I learned from Flo Kennedy, who was a great civil rights lawyer and who was my speaking partner for a while. Nobody was better at a comeback. Some guy in some audience would say, ‘Are you lesbians?’ and she would always say, ‘Are you my alternative?’ and everyone would crack up.”

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