Prayers are being asked for Nathaniel Marston, the former “One Life to Live” soap opera star, as he fights for his life after a car crash near Reno, Nevada.

Nathaniel Marston. Photo via
Nathaniel Marston. Photo via
Marston was reported in critical condition after the Friday night accident. His website had no update Monday morning.

“If he lives, he will be paralyzed from the neck down and will not breathe without a ventilator machine,” Marston’s mother, Elizabeth Jackson, posted on her Facebook page.

Jackson posted on Facebook: “Just spoke to highway patrol and tribal police. In case rumor mill gets going. Nate was sober according to cops. Waiting to speak to Dr. Please pray that Nate does not end up a paraplegic..neck broken and fractured neck vertebra 3,4,5,6, and 7. Shoulder broken along with all ribs. Collapsed lung and pneumonia. Please please pray for him.”

Marston was on “One Life to Live” for six seasons, leaving after 2007. The actor also played Eddie Silva on “As the World Turns” and guest starred on “Castle,” “White Collar” and “Blue Bloods.”

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