Sarah Palin, promoting her new book, endured a journalistic grilling by late-night TV host Seth Meyers, who challenged her on the GOP’s lack of “moral courage” on Syrian refugee entrance to America.

Sarah Palin and Seth Meyers. Photo via YouTube

“In order for any refugees to come in, it is like an 18- to 24-month process for them to get through,” Meyers told the former veep candidate on NBC’s “Late Night.”

“It starts at the U.N., and then it comes through multiple government agencies here in the States. Is it maybe just that, at the core, I think there’s just a lack of trust across the board of the federal government? Do you think that’s what these governors are really saying, that ultimately anything the federal government tells them, they don’t trust?”

Palin replied: “Well, I don’t trust what the federal government is telling us.”

Meyers, who said freedom is why refugees are desperate for America, added in Tuesday night’s show: “I think this idea that they’re coming here to infiltrate — I think that is fear-based. I do think they want to come here and enjoy the same things you and I are lucky enough to enjoy.”

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