The roar of Chewbacca, the “Star Wars” furry beast, is replaced by the whine of “Family Guy” dad Peter Griffin in a viral video trending on Facebook. It sounds oddly appropriate.

Peter Griffin of "Family Guy." Image via Wikimedia Commons
Peter Griffin of “Family Guy.” Image via Wikimedia Commons

Griffin’s voice was inspired by a janitor that creator Seth MacFarlane heard at school, according to Wikipedia.

In posts to Instagram and Facebook, asked: What If Chewbacca Was Voiced By Peter Griffin?

With the slogan “The world’s best place to talk about movies,” movie is based in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Venice — after being founded in Berlin.

“Moviepilot skews fanboy and young adult, often posting quizzes and fan theory in addition to harder entertainment news, trailers, and content,” said one description.

Why they didn’t hire Peter Griffin to voice Chewbacca to begin with is beyond me. This is SO good!

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