Santa has some nifty powers, but getting Donald Trump to apologize — for anything — isn’t one of them. But that didn’t stop Gloria Steinem from asking.

The legendary feminist’s list apparently was put together before Trump outraged many Democrats and Republicans for wanting to create a religious test to bar Muslims from entering the United States. But Steinem did manage to include a Trump comparison to Adolph Hitler.

Gloria Steinem. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Gloria Steinem. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
In a Facebook post going viral, the feminist icon told of her “Top Ten Things I Want For Christmas.”

She started with No. 10:

“An abject apology from Donald Trump for being a Birther; anti-immigrant; a builder of buildings that look like big Dunhill cigarette lighters; the world’s most punishing source of Green Cards for women who marry him to get one; daring to rate women as no longer Tens when he himself has never been a One, going bankrupt multiple times in order to stick other people with his bad-judgment debt; pretending he ever hit a home run when actually, he was born on Third Base – and oh, yes, setting the hair weave industry all the way back to Rogaine.”

Thanks to my dear friends, BETTY, for giving me the opportunity to share my Top Ten Things I Want For Christmas at their…

Posted by Gloria Steinem on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Steinem knew a Trump “sorry” isn’t likely, so she had a backup wish as No. 9:

“If Trump doesn’t apologize, I wish us all the gift of remembering that Hitler was democratically elected — in a low voter turnout.”

Steinem had supporters and detractors:

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