Thirty years after Disneyland debuted “Captain EO” with Michael Jackson amid smoke and lasers, Legolands in Carlsbad and Winter Haven, Florida, will have their own 3-D movie attraction — with wind, fog and water added.

Promotional photo for Legoland movie coming in 2016. Image via Lego Group
Legoland Parks on Tuesday released a trailer of “The LEGO Movie 4D: A New Adventure,” a 12 1/2-minute film that premieres Jan. 29, 2016, in Florida, followed by Carlsbad on Feb. 6, according to the theme park company.

“I have no idea what 4-D is, but it sounds awesome!” says one character in the clip. 4-D also includes light illusions.

A Legoland Carlsbad spokeswoman said: “All of the 4-D effects such as wind, water, fog and special lighting will come from above the audience with the fog, only, coming from the stage.”

Raincoats won’t be needed, she said, since the water effect is designed to be playful, not drenching.

“It’s hard to describe how audience members will know the water will be coming without giving away scenes of the film, so I’ll have to leave that part a mystery for now!”

The short film, previously covered by the Nerdist and other outlets, will play several times a day at each Legoland, including the 400-seat theater in Carlsbad.
The attraction by LEGO Group & Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. will debut later at Legoland theme parks and Discovery Centers worldwide, said the company. It will replace the currently showing “LEGO Legends of CHIMA 4-D Adventure” and “A Clutch Powers 4-D Adventure.”
“The 30-second clip gives fans the first glimpse of what happened after the blockbuster [Lego] movie, when Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, MetalBeard and Benny reunite at the invitation of a shady new character, Risky Business, who plans to open a curious theme park bearing a suspicious resemblance to Legoland,” said a news release.
Returning as voice actors are Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle), Nick Offerman (MetalBeard), Charlie Day (Benny) and Alison Brie (Unikitty).

Actor, writer and comedian Patton Oswalt lends his voice to the scheming Risky Business, whose “evil secret plot” requires the heroes to call on the Master Builder skills of a surprise ally to save the day.
Los Angeles-based Pure Imagination Studios is creating the Legoland movie with input from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the writer-directors behind “The LEGO Movie,” along with contributions from Rob Schrab, who is directing the theatrical movie’s sequel, due in 2018.
Also upcoming for LEGO fans are three more feature films: The as-yet-untitled LEGO Batman opens Feb. 10, 2017; “NINJAGO,” on Sept. 22, 2017; and “The LEGO Movie Sequel,” on May 18, 2018.

In February, the Los Angeles Times noted that 4-D movies are not new.

“Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland and Madame Tussauds in Hollywood all show 3-D movies in special theaters where a fourth dimension of water, air, bubbles or other effects shoot from the seats or walls,” the paper said. “The ‘Lego Movie’ grossed more than $468 million from worldwide box offices, and earned rave reviews and an Academy Award nomination for its ‘Everything Is Awesome’ theme song.”

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