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Former “Twin Peaks” star Sherilyn Fenn’s recent bankruptcy filing has been put on hold for now efforts by her ex-landlords to collect a $45,000 debt from more than eight years ago.

Carolyn Dye, an attorney for Sumie Mishima and Leslie Militzok, filed documents in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday notifying Judge Mark Borenstein about Fenn’s financial status. The filing creates an automatic stay on the plaintiffs’ legal proceedings against her.

The judge is scheduled to hold a judgment-debtor examination hearing in Fenn’s case on Monday.

According to the suit filed in September 2006, Fenn and the plaintiffs reached an agreement in July 2003 for the actress to lease a home they owned on Laurelmont Drive and signed a six-month extension in June 2006 at $3,800 a month.

The landlords alleged that Fenn moved out in September 2006 and failed to pay $15,200 still due under the contract extension, as well as thousands of dollars more in overdue rent and late fees.

They also claimed she caused more than $18,100 damage to the home in what her landlords’ court papers maintained was a repeat of her behavior at a property she previously rented. The parties settled in December 2007.

In a declaration filed with the court in February 2007, Fenn talked about dealing with what she called a “faltering career” that led to a bankruptcy filing in 2003, the ordeal of caring for her teenage son, a special needs student, and a difficult pregnancy at age 42.

She claimed she signed the six-month rent extension under pressure from the landlords and told them in August 2006 that she would be leaving.

In her own declaration, Militzok said she had trouble renting the home after Fenn left because of strong odors and “clutter everywhere.”

Fenn, now 51, was among the most recognizable actresses on television in the early 1990s with her role as a high school femme fatale on “Twin Peaks.” She also appeared on the CW Network’s “Gilmore Girls” and  the quickly-canceled crime drama “Smith.”

—City News Service

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