Garrison Keillor isn’t feeling very companionable about Donald Trump. For at least the third time in recent months, he’s composed a takedown.

Garrison Keillor. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
The host of “A Prairie Home Companion” says in his latest screed: “He is a little old for a ducktail. By the age of 70, most ducks have moved on, but not Donald Trump. He is apparently still fond of the sidewalls and the duck’s ass in back and he is proud as can be of his great feat, the first punk candidate to get this close to the White House.”

Keillor says what his followers like about Trump is what “kids loved about Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious — the fact that he horrifies the powers that be and when you are pro-duck you are giving the finger to Congress, the press, clergy, lawyers, teachers, cake-eaters, big muckety-mucks, VIPs, all those people who think they’re better than you — you have the power to scare the pants off them, and that’s what this candidate does better than anybody else.”

The finger returned in his Chicago Tribune piece: “The nation that elects this man president is not a civilized society. The gentleman is not airing out his fingernail polish, he is not showing off his wedding ring; he is making an obscene gesture. Ignore it at your peril.”

Keillor earlier mocked the New York businessman in a Washington Post piece: “As … former White House aide Michael Gerson has pointed out, Mr. Btfsplk [Trump] is the most ignorant man to run for president, and presumably that includes candidates for the Flat Earth and UFO parties. The GOP is betting on an average IQ of 69 at the polls this year. The statistical average is 98. Not a good bet.”

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