Famed for his “Me and Bobby McGee” and star turns in “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” and “A Star Is Born,” Kris Kristofferson is still kool as he turned 80 Wednesday.

Kris Kristofferson. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Terry Roland wrote a tribute on no depression.com:

“The one community from ’60s counterculture who remained true to themselves in the summer of 1970, a year after Woodstock, was the singer-songwriter community. They held a fascination for me. The song, ‘To Beat the Devil’ stood out in my mind.

“So, when I stumbled on the writer of the song on the Smothers Brothers’ summer show’s Poets Corner segment, I was surprised to see a down-to-earth, bohemian-looking, long-haired, deep-bass singing, soft-spoken singer-songwriter named Kris Kristofferson.

“He was equal parts William Blake and Hank Williams. He may have played two or three songs. I don’t remember what they were as much as I remember connecting with spirit, the way he held the guitar and softly sang his words without any sense of ego or flash. When I saw his face darkly peering out at me, cigarette in hand, from the cover of his first album in a local record bin, I bought it immediately.”

Other appreciations are flooding in:

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