Maureen Dowd didn’t use the N-word, but her reference — once — in a Sunday New York Times column to “Barry” generated similar outrage, and pushback.

Using President Barack Obama’s childhood name triggered a Tweetstorm with the trending hashtag #PresidentObamaNotBarry.

Maureen Dowd of The New York Times. Photo via Twitter
Blue Nation Review reflected the anti-Dowd reaction:

“In Dowd’s latest poisonous and deceitful anti-Hillary screed, she refers to America’s first black president as ‘Barry’ and says that Hillary’s ‘goo got on Obama.’ For good measure, she accuses Attorney General Loretta Lynch of ‘dancing with the Arkansas devil in the pale moonlight.’

“So, in Dowd’s view, Barack Obama ‘used race’ to get elected, has Hillary’s ‘goo’ on him, and isn’t worthy of enough respect to be referred to by his proper name and title in the pages of the New York Times.”

Some opinions on the opinion-monger:

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