Pokémon GO players are making the most of the new smartphone app, using it to tell the infamous Westboro Baptist Church where to go. With love, of course.

Pokémon character Jigglypuff is recruited by Westboro Baptist Church. Image via Twitter
As kotaku.com reported, “Westboro Baptist Church is marked as a ‘gym’ in Pokémon Go. This in turn means that players can park their Pokémon at that location IRL to defend a digital title. In this case, someone thought it would be funny to put in a fairy type Pokémon as the defender of a place known for being very hateful and intolerant.

“Since then, it is unclear on whether or not the Clefairy has remained in the Westboro Baptist Church gym — the initial “combat power” was low enough that anyone could easily knock it out. Regardless, it seems that the trolling news has reached Westboro itself, and they’ve taken to social media to issue a response.”

The church struck back via social media as well.

Some of the exchanges and coverage:

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