Canadian-born Justin Bieber had a chance for a record $5 million payday in Cleveland last week, but ended up saying “no way” to the Republican-connected event.

Justin Bieber. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
That’s the story from TMZ at least, according to its post.

“Sources connected with CAA — the talent agency which reps Bieber and received the offer — tell us a promoter contacted Justin’s people with the offer, saying he would perform for 45 minutes at a venue near Quicken Loans Arena, where the RNC was held,” TMZ said.

“We’re told the promoter assured Justin’s people the event was ‘not political’ and Justin would not be endorsing Trump or any GOP policies.
According to the contract, the $5 million was bankrolled by GOP donors. The money was to be paid ‘up front” — before Justin even arrived.”

The best social media snark?

“Right before they extended this offer, the GOP thought to themselves: How can we make this event EVEN MORE ANNOYING?”

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