Ben Zurawski of Chicago found a way to capitalize on Olympic fever with the perfect subject for his art: a flip book of Rio champion Simon Biles flipping in her gold-medal floor exercise.

Ben Zurawski of Chicago makes movies on paper with his flip books. Image via
Apparently not subject to Olympic licensing rules, the movie-on-paper is the latest creation of Zurawski, who calls himself “The Flippist.

“I’ve never been a huge sports guy, but I’m a big softy and just love the whole world coming together (for freakin’ once) and giving their all,” he said on his YouTube channel. “The U.S. Women’s Gymnastic team has been killin’ it! Way to go @simonebiles and friends!”

His Biles book consists of 100 drawings, and Zurawski says: “Still can’t comprehend how a human body can move like that. Beautiful and insane!”

He also dashed off a flip book devoted to Usain Bolt, three-time winner of the Olympic 100 and 200 (and world record holder). It shows the Jamaican for only a few pages. He’s that fast.

Zurawski revels in beating Hollywood to the punch with a low-tech movie.

“I just love the challenge of cramming a whole mini story into the space of about 10 seconds worth of flipping time,” Zurawski told ABC7. “And in a world where everything is digital and hi-tech, all I really need is a stack of paper, some markers to make movies.”

A collector and historian of flip books, Zurawski told his story last year to Collectors Weekly.

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