Gary Johnson sealed his place in political history Thursday with his “What is Aleppo?” flub. Now The New York Times is vying to join him for some errant posts and tweets.

Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for president. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
As conservative media gleefully note, especially Fox News, “When Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson committed his jaw-dropping gaffe Thursday on MSNBC, The New York Times was there to point it out – but the Old Gray Lady made the same mistake, not once but twice.”

Newsclick added: “This embarrassing episode shows again that neither U.S. politicians nor U.S. media have any real knowledge of issues beyond U.S. borders. Despite that sorry fact deadly instruments of U.S. power are used abroad without much thought whenever this or that foreign interest bribes the right people in Washington DC. U.S. powers are often used simply because they can be used, not because it makes any sense to use them.”

Johnson, the former New Mexico governor, has apologized for not knowing about Ground Zero of the Syrian crisis. Others want the New York Times to be more contrite as well.

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