Sean Penn. Photo by Seher Sikandar via Wikimedia Commons
Sean Penn. Photo by Seher Sikandar via Wikimedia Commons

On Wednesday, a photographer with Splash News, “the world’s leading celebrity and breaking news agency,” got the money shot in Hawaii: Sean Penn, 56, smooching the 24-year-old actress daughter of Vincent D’Onofrio and Greta Scacchi.

On Thursday, the Daily Mail and other gossip sites published pictures of Penn with Australian-born Leila George.

(The couple later were captured during a Thursday visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.)

On Friday, the tut-tutting began.

But our curiosity goes back to the original paparazzo — the shooter with a long lens at the Hawaii beach. How much did he or she get paid?

Splash News, part of Branded Entertainment Group, has an office in Sherman Oaks. It’s not likely to divulge its payments.

But Fortune magazine in 2007 reported that People paid $4.1 million for pictures of Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt baby photos. Just a photo of Brangelina strolling fetched a reported $500,000.

So a six-figure payday was possible for the Penn-George images.

“A lot of being a good paparazzo is luck,” Gary Morgan of Splash News told eonline. “It’s nine hours of boredom and 30 seconds of excitement.”

Meanwhile came priceless reactions:

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