A day after former “King of Queens” star Leah Remini launched her A&E series about the Church of Scientology, the L. Ron Hubbard empire struck back.

Domain-registration records show that leahreminiaftermath.com was created Nov. 30, 2016.

Leah Remini on “Access Hollywood.” Image via YouTube.com

Huffington Post, among the first to notice, reported: “Remini apparently poked the Scientology bear one too many times, because it is officially poking back with a website created to discredit the actress’ new docuseries about the controversial organization.”

The site, whose registrant is kept private, says: “Leah Remini has repeatedly disparaged and exploited her former faith for profit and attention through a series of failed publicity stunts, culminating in her reality TV show featuring a cast of admitted liars who to make a buck have been telling differing versions of the same false tales of abuse for years.

“Many of their allegations have been reviewed and discredited in courts of law. A&E’s promotion of their agenda smacks of bigotry. It also is sad that Leah Remini attacks and exploits those who tirelessly worked to help her when no one else was willing to tolerate her behavior.”

The statement concludes:

“Leah Remini has become what she once vowed she would never be: ‘This bitter ex-Scientologist.’ As we have stated numerous times, Leah Remini needs to move on with her life and career. She needs to stop blaming the Church and others for all of her personal and professional setbacks and take responsibility. Most of all, she needs to quit promoting hatred and religious intolerance as a means to line her pockets.

“Leah Remini: Aftermath” is really ‘Leah Remini: After Money.’”

For her part, Remini noted on Twitter how Scientology was buying ads on social media to discredit her and the show.

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