Former Lakers star Lamar Odom will officially be divorced from Khloe Kardashian on Saturday, according to press reports. But he’s unofficially in rehab.

Lamar Odom. Photo by David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons
E! News “confirmed” Monday that Odom admitted himself into rehab in San Diego.

“It was his own decision,” a source was quoted as saying. “He wanted to work on his mental and physical health for the next chapter of his life. He has not fallen off the wagon, but he understands the importance of maintaining his sobriety.”

Recap from E News: “Back in October 2015, Lamar became unconscious at a brothel in Crystal, Nev. An ambulance took him to a nearby hospital where doctors found a cocktail of drugs in his system.”

Where in San Diego might Odom be? Nearly three dozen places, according to, which said in June:

“In the large city of San Diego, there are numerous treatment services and rehabilitation options available for addicts battling all different kinds of addiction. With just over 35 different substance abuse treatment options, an addict does have a good opportunity to find the right kind of help.”

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