Cher. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Cher. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Politically passionate Cher has paid for hundreds of thousands of water bottles for Flint, Michigan. But she’s all wet when it comes to starring in a movie about the crisis.

That’s the opinion of some on social media, reacting to news that the 70-year-old Oscar-winner will make her first movie in seven years, portraying a Flint resident whose family is victimized by the tainted water.

She’ll star in Lifetime’s original movie about the water-contamination crisis, reported Deadline.

“Flint is tackling a subject that is very personal for Cher,” the site said. “She has been active in raising awareness about the water crisis. She’s been vocal on social media and has donated hundreds of thousands of bottles of water to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan for distribution to residents.

“I hear it was Cher who, after reading an announcement about the movie, reached out to the producers, expressing her interest in participating in the project. With Cher on board, the script was written with a plum role for her.”

But outside Hollywood, some early reviews were scathing:

“I just want you to know you’re trash if you make a dime off this before the pipes are fixed,” said one tweet.

“I just wanna know why Cher is the lead,” said another. “Like flint is majority black.”

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