People are cooing over Drake’s reported platinum-and-diamond necklace gift (worth $100,000) to Jennifer Lopez. But he needs to raise his game to match Richard Burton.

Canadian rapper Drake. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The late actor once paid paid $1.1 million for a monster diamond for his wife, Elizabeth Taylor — one of several pricey trinkets in their off and on marriages.

“She sold the jewel in 1979, after her second divorce from Burton, and used the proceeds to help build a hospital in Botswana,” recalls Purple Clover.

On the J-Lo rock, E! Online reports: “Yes, Drake decided to spend a hundred racks on his new love interest, giving the jewelry to her as gift on New Year’s Eve (we think she might be wearing it in this photo from the night) and further proving he’s ‘completely falling’ for her. But this isn’t the first extravagant gift he’s given a lady in his life (cough cough, Rihanna).”

But back to the Taylor-Burton diamond.

Burton was quoted as saying: “I turned into a raving maniac and insisted that he get Aaron on the phone as soon as possible. Elizabeth was as sweet as only she could be and protested that it didn’t matter, that she didn’t mind if she didn’t have it, that there was much more in life than baubles, that she would manage with what she had.

“The inference was that she would make do. But not me! … I screamed at Aaron that bugger Cartiers, I was going to get that diamond if it cost me my life or 2 million dollars whichever was the greater. For 24 hours the agony persisted and in the end I won. I got the bloody thing.”

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