Disputed report on Brad Pitt at charity concert on RadarOnline.
Disputed report on Brad Pitt at charity concert on RadarOnline.
You thought Brad Pitt vs. Angelina Jolie was getting nasty? Try Gossip Cop vs. RadarOnline.

In its latest takedown, rumor-busting Gossip Cop had a field day raking RadarOnline over its report on Pitt’s appearance Saturday in Malibu at a charity concert featuring Sting .

Gossip Cop spent 360 words critiquing RadarOnline’s 73-word post.

“Pitt was not ‘faking’ his smile at a charity concert for a disease that affects children, despite a new, highly sensationalized report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the fabricated story. We’re told he was ‘genuinely happy’ to lend his support to the cause,” said the New York-based site that “patrols the celebrity gossip industry in search of debunking fake/untrue rumors that are posted in print or online.”

What got Gossip Cop’s goat?

Under the headline “Brad Pitt Struggles To Smile At Hollywood Event While Custody Battle Wears Him Down,” RadarOnline suggested Pitt was “faking” it Saturday when he “put on a brave public face” at the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation’s fourth annual ROCK4EB charity concert in Malibu.

RadarOnline, which has financial connections to the National Enquirer, “really has no proof whatsoever that the actor was pretending to be enjoying himself,” Gossip Cop said.

Gossip Cop said it checked with a source connected to the event, “who exclusively assures us Pitt was ‘genuinely happy’ to be at the fundraiser and its concert.”

GC said it wasn’t surprised by the “site’s fabricated story.”

“Remember, this is all from the same webloid that falsely claimed Pitt’s friendship with Selena Gomez caused his divorce. It’s also the same outlet that wrongly reported Pitt was getting divorce advice from Gwyneth Paltrow.

“Much like those articles, the latest about Pitt ‘faking’ his smile at the Epidermolysis Bullosa event is entirely untrue.”

Over the years, RadarOnline has been a reliable source of fake news for Gossip Cup to rate as zero on its rumor meter.

Meanwhile, more on Pitt at Malibu concert:

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