Ellen DeGeneres took “Fifty Shades of Grey” star Jamie Dornan to the extremes (of hilarity) with a bedroom scene in which she unveils a series of “sex toys” from Staples.

Ellen DeGeneres and Jamie Dornan. Photo by Michael Rozman via Warner Bros.)
“Donning a wig to cover his newly shaved head, Dornan is relaxing on a bed when the talk-show host enters the room dressed as a seductive Staples worker, complete with fake breasts,” People magazine recounted.

DeGeneres begins taking items out of a big red Staples bag — first a staple remover.

“You know, I’m not really into that,” Dornan says. “I don’t really think anybody’s into that.”

Then DeGeneres pulls out a stapler and Scotch tapes his hands to the headboard.

The talk-show host and comedian has been encouraged to satirize “50 Shades” for a while.

Last July, Rosalia Ruiz tweeted: “I need a 50 shades of Grey parody starring and written by Ellen Degeneres and John Oliver.”

Im 2012, DeGenenes pretended to record an audiobook of “50 Shades” but insisted on euphemisms.

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