Cara Buckley of The New York Times. Photo via Twitter
Cara Buckley of The New York Times. Photo via Twitter

Last year, it was #OscarsSoWhite. This year, some hope it will be #OscarsHateTrump.

Cara Buckley of The New York Times admits she’s looking for acceptance speeches that slam President Trump.

“For admittedly selfish reasons, I was hoping a new controversy would erupt,” she wrote Monday. “I have to produce a Carpetbagger column about the Oscars contest every week, for three months. Absent a fracas, the subject matter can get awfully thin.”

In an earlier column, Buckley noted documentary nominees “and their subjects might find themselves in a brighter spotlight because of the increasingly heated political climate.”

“Five of the 10 feature-length and short documentaries nominated for Oscars are directly or indirectly about refugees,” she wrote.

After noting Meryl Streep’s comments at the Golden Globe Awards and others in her wake, Buckley wrote in her Monday piece: “Clearly, staying apolitical was no longer an option for many Hollywood players, which likely will affect the character of the Academy Awards ceremony. Yet even though I got my [wish] for Oscar controversy — as well as the subjects for a few more Carpetbagger columns — I can’t say I don’t dream of simpler times. Bring back the mani-cam!

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