Bill Cosby’s prosecutors wanted to call on 13 women to show a “pattern of behavior” in his Pennsylvania sex-assault case. Instead, they’ll get one.

Bill Cosby. Photo by The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia via Wikimedia Commons
Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill said Friday he weighed the evidentiary value of the testimony against the possibility it would prejudice jurors.

Represented by Gloria Allred, the single long-ago accuser is known as Prior Alleged Victim Six, expected to tell about a 1996 assault at a Bel Air Hotel bungalow.

“It’s better than nothing for the prosecution. If you’re Bill Cosby, you would rather the number be zero. But this is a game-changer,” said Wes Oliver, a criminal justice expert at Duquesne University, speaking to NBC.

“If there are 13 women testifying, it looks like it’s part of a real profile for him,” he said. “But it’s much easier to discredit one than 13.”

NBC added: “Cosby is due back in court Monday for a hearing on his motion to move the trial out of Montgomery County. Prosecutors have already agreed to pick jurors from outside the county, but the judge has to decide whether to approve that and whether the trial should physically be moved to a different location.”

Cosby, 79, is gearing up for a June trial involving a 2005 complaint by former Temple University employee Andrea Constand, who says the comedian sexually assaulted her in January 2004 after plying her with drugs and wine.

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