Free agent Colin Kaepernick is putting his free time to good use. Hit for kneeling during the national anthem, the NFL star is being praised for his donation of 50 custom-made suits to a Queens, N.Y., nonprofit.

Colin Kaepernick (right) helps hand out system suits in Queens, New York. Photo via Twitter

On Saturday, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback made the suit donation to a group that tries to help ex-convicts and gang members transition back into society.

“He was a great partner,” said Kevin Livingston of 100 Suits for 100 Men. “He went above and beyond all expectations to help give these guys a second chance. He’s a hero in my eyes, he’s a hero in the eyes of the guys who are going to be receiving these suits. Colin, you’re the man to me, you’re a hero to the men of South Jamaica Queens.”

As Atlanta Black Star noted, “Kaepernick’s donation follows his combined $100,000 contributions to Meals on Wheels and Love Army for Somalia in March. The former organization delivers food to the homes of senior citizens, while the latter has raised thousands to help drought-ridden Somalia.”

Cheers from the cheap seats:

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