Wonder what O.J. Simpson and Bronco-driving friend Al Cowlings think of the latest “Late Show” parody.

In Stephen Colbert’s opening gag Thursday, footage of the infamous June 17, 1994, slow-speed chase on L.A. freeways is shown.

But the voice-over declares the occupants of the white vehicle to be President Trump driven by Steve Bannon.

The new reporter says: “Authorities believe the passenger in the car to be President Donald Trump. The chase comes on the heels of a special counsel being appointed to the Russian investigation. The SUV appears to be driven by longtime companion Steve Bannon. Oh, we’ve just been told that Trump is holding a taco bowl to his mouth.”

The reporter says the president is on the phone, and a Trump voice declares: “This is a witch hunt. No one’s ever been treated more unfairly than Donald Trump.”

“Sir, put the taco bowl down,” the reporter says.

“I already ate it,” Trump-voice says. “Oh, by the way, this is the highest-rated police chase ever. It’s tremendous. The best.”

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